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What can I expect from start to finish?

Our team of list processing experts will process your file. The following steps summarize what you can expect during the process:

  1. Your Project Manager will contact you with instructions on how to begin the process
  2. You will be asked to format and transmit your file
  3. Once we receive a deposit from your company, we will begin processing your list (please note: job turnaround time begins when list processing begins)
  4. Once list processing begins, you will receive weekly email updates from your Project Manager
  5. You will be asked to build and approve your permission message in three easy steps using our automated system, MessageExpress, if applicable
  6. After we complete the matching phase and just prior to the messaging phase, we will notify you to upload your unsubscribe list
  7. When list processing is complete (see below for standard timing), you will receive a summary report of our findings and results
Service Turnaround Time*
B2C Append 15 business days
B2B Append 25 business days
Reverse Append 10 business days
ECOA 18 business days
SafeToSend® Managed Service 1 to 3 business days

*Services may require up to 5 additional days for input files greater than 2.5MM and up to 10 additional days for input files greater than 10MM

Once you retrieve your file, you will have 10 business days to test your results and return any bounces. If you are an Appending, ECOA, or SafeToSend client, you will be automatically reminded quarterly to resubmit your list for re-runs.

Why do you need my deposit and permission message before you begin?

Your deposit helps to offset our upfront processing costs.

Is there anything I should tell my Customer Service department?

Some companies choose to inform their CS departments when we begin to permission message customers in case recipients call to inquire about an email received.

Is the permission message customizable? Can we provide our own creative?

Depending on the services performed, your permission message may allow several sentences to be customized. In our experience, we have found that simpler messages are more effective. We will provide you with a recommended template, or you may supply your own. Your Project Manager will be happy to review guidelines and requirements with you.

When do you begin deploying the permission message?

We deploy the permission message when the matching process is complete and the pre-messaging QC is done, typically 7-10 business days after the commencement of your job.

How long do you give recipients to review/respond to the permission message?

The permission message wait period is typically 4-7 business days.