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Email Addresses “Flip” From Good to Bad

As many as 6% of the email addresses in your previously verified SafeToSend file will “flip” to problematic over the next year as new spamtraps are created or recycled from previously good addresses as well as honeypots and other dangerous domains.

They get recycled as a spamtrap

A recipient registers on the “Do Not Email” list

A recipient becomes a frequent complainer

A mail exchange domain is retired

AtData’s List Guard® provides “always on” protection

List Guard provides organizations a safety net by regularly monitoring their previously SafeToSend lists for toxic email addresses that can negatively impact email marketing programs and omnichannel targeting efforts.

List Guard® Features


Continuous monitoring

of verified, SafeToSend email addresses, which are automatically loaded into the List Guard platform


Notification of problematic email addresses

(e.g., spamtraps, frequent spam complainers, honeypots and dangerous domains) as they surface in your file for immediate suppression and further investigation


Unlimited protection period

giving you the benefit of real-time alerting years after having collected and cleaned email addresses

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