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Identify the Best in Your First-Party Data

The AtData Quality Score helps identify higher value email addresses enabling companies to confidently segment those more likely to engage across digital channels. Improve segmentation and qualify customer databases to increase engagement, deliverability, response rates, and conversions. Emails with varying scores can be targeted, messaged, and analyzed differently.

As part of our email address intelligence offerings, the Quality Score enables you to identify lookalike audiences in your subscribers that most closely align to your best customers. It can be used to improve delivery and response across channels. Example uses for the Quality Score include:

Example Uses of Quality Score


Improve Response Rates

Deficient or inconsistent engagement data can lead to poor campaign performance for critical marketing campaigns. Leverage the Quality Score to target addresses that are known to be more responsive in order to get greater clicks and conversions.


Address Deliverability Issues Due to Poor Engagement

For example, Gmail uses engagement with a mailer’s content as a metric to determine inbox placement. The Quality Score can be used to segment highly engaged users as opposed to those that don’t open, click, or engage with marketing campaigns. Improve inbox placement by mailing to higher ranked addresses.


Better Determine Lead Quality

If you buy or sell leads, or receive leads from multiple sources, Quality Score is another tool to help evaluate the quality of the leads from each source.


Win-Back or Suppress Inactive Addresses

Every mailer has addresses that show no signs of life. With access only to your own marketing data and email service provider’s (ESP) engagement metrics, you have no way of knowing if an email address is just not responding to your content or is effectively abandoned. The Quality Score accesses multiple mailers and ESPs to find ideal targets for win-back campaigns and those to confidently stop mailing.


Reactivate Dormant Addresses

Many companies have email lists they haven’t mailed in a long time, and sometimes they want to reengage or reactivate those users. It can be risky to email large stagnant lists that could have flipped to spamtraps or may no longer be actively used. Combining AtData’s email address intelligence solutions with Quality Score can help clean the dormant list and identify the subset of emails that would be best to target.

Machine Learning at Its Core

The Quality Score is a machine-learning model that is trained on a list of your top customers. It profiles these individuals using billions of open, click, and web activity signals combined with demographics, purchase behavior, and spend propensity from hundreds of sources. Going beyond traditional RFM analysis, the score then ranks an email on how well it fits the profile of a high-quality subscriber. Get to know the individual behind the email address better.

The Quality Score factors in such things as:

  • Frequency and type of use of the email address
  • Number and type of sources reporting activity
  • Overall digital footprint of the email
  • Frequency with which online vs offline purchase activity is seen
  • Related spend propensity
  • Popularity of product categories and types purchased

Cover the full spectrum by also identifying email addresses that are high risk with our Fraud Prevention Risk Score.

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