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AtData’s Risk Score

AtData’s Risk Score is a key part of our comprehensive fraud solution, helping to make your fraud detection smarter and stronger. The Risk Score uses AtData’s proprietary email data to not only enhance your existing strategy but also create a solid foundation for decision-making about fraud, helping you protect your business effectively and efficiently.

Understanding that each business faces unique challenges, it is designed to be inherently adaptable to fit the specifics of your operational needs. Whether you’re a big company or small business, the Risk Score scales to meet your demands.

A Simplified 0-100 Score to Identify Risk

The comprehensive score results in an easy-to-understand numerical representation of the potential risk associated with an email address. Ranging from 0 (low risk) to 100 (high risk), this score summarizes the analysis performed by the model, collecting complex data into a simple, actionable metric.

Why Choose the AtData Risk Score?

Risk Score is built on a foundation of comprehensive fraud detection factors, from behavioral insights to domain risk analysis, for a multi-dimensional approach to securing your operations. The Risk Score model is built upon a machine learning framework that examines vast datasets. This dynamic model integrates a wide range of risk variables, each selected for its impact on identifying potential fraud. From historical data patterns to real-time interactions, the model continuously refines its assessments to guarantee accuracy and relevance.

Core Features to Determine Risk

The AtData Advantage

With over 20 years of experience, AtData leads the industry in Email Address Intelligence. Our system processes billions of email events monthly, boasting a 99% email recognition rate. Our direct partnerships, custom modeling capabilities, and swift API integration ensure you’re always ahead in the fast-paced digital world.

Make Your Fraud Detection Smarter and Stronger with Risk Scoring

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