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Convert Outdated Contacts Into Fresh Opportunities

Customer contact data can become quickly outdated and obsolete almost overnight, and losing touch translates directly to lost opportunities for meaningful engagement. AtData’s Alternate Email simplifies the art of digital connection, making it easier for businesses to stay in sync with their customers.

Retain current customers and reconnect with those you lost

Transform bouncing and inactive email addresses into engaged customers

Maximize email campaign deliverability and avoid ISP blocklisting

Reduce wasted marketing efforts by improving digital reach

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your customer database with updated contacts, resolve multiple email addresses to the same household, or rekindle relationships with customers who’ve slipped away, Alternate Email is your solution to enhanced reach, accuracy, and engagement.

AtData has the Patent for Email Change of Address Technology

Why Alternate Email

Email Change of Address

Refresh Customer

Revive your customer database with our patented technology to transform outdated email addresses into vibrant channels of communication.


With the ability to return multiple email addresses per customer, our service broadens your reach and deepens engagement opportunities.


Accessible via API for effortless integration with your existing marketing tools, Alternate Email is designed for convenience and efficiency.

How Alternate Email Works


Identity Matching

We match your email address list against our proprietary, opted-in email-based identity graph with billions of multisourced email identity linkages to provide the most accurate and updated email addresses.


Quality Assurance

Our system analyzes the raw matches to confirm linkage and remove any email addresses that have been identified as fictitious, risky, or not SafeToSend.


Database Enrichment

We then provide back the most current, preferred email address or multiple email addresses at the individual or household level tied to your original data points to improve omnichannel reach, identity resolution, and overall data integrity.

Why Having an Updated Email List Matters in Marketing

Keeping a current database of customer email addresses is a fundamental element of effective marketing and customer relationship management. Email addresses serve as the digital gateways to your customers’ inboxes, acting as direct channels for communication, marketing initiatives, and support services. Guaranteeing the accuracy and timeliness of these addresses is essential for numerous reasons:

Consequences of Outdated Email Addresses

Outdated email addresses can lead to several adverse outcomes impacting your direct marketing efforts and broader business goals. Here are just a few ways your business can be affected:

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should businesses update customer email addresses?

Businesses should update customer email addresses regularly. Email lists decay at around 30% per year, which is significant for getting optimal LTV from your customers. For more dynamic industries or those with frequent customer interaction, updates are necessary on a frequent basis.

How can businesses verify the accuracy of new email addresses?

To verify the accuracy of new email addresses, businesses can implement double opt-in processes, use email validation services, and send initial confirmation emails that require an action, such as clicking a link.

How can automatic email validation improve data quality?

Automatic email validation can instantly check the validity of email addresses at the point of capture, reducing typographical errors, eliminating fake emails, and ensuring that only accurate, deliverable email addresses are collected and stored.

How can businesses encourage customers to update their email addresses?

Businesses can encourage customers to update their email addresses by offering incentives, making the update process as easy as possible, sending periodic reminders, and communicating the benefits of staying connected via email.

Can outdated email addresses impact email marketing campaigns?

Yes, outdated email addresses can significantly impact email marketing campaigns by increasing bounce rates, reducing open and engagement rates, wasting resources, and potentially damaging the sender’s reputation, which affects overall deliverability.

Why is transparency important when asking customers to update their email addresses?

Transparency builds trust between the business and its customers. Clarifying the value of having updated information on file — whether that be for regular offers, loyalty communications, or ongoing updates — encourages more customers to update their information willingly.

How can updated email addresses lead to better segmentation?

Having up-to-date email addresses, and multiple email addresses linked to the same individual or household, enables businesses to accurately segment their audience based on activity levels, preferences, or demographics. This leads to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns that align with the interests and behaviors of different customer segments.

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