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Digital Threats Need Email Address Intelligence

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly bold, employing methods to catch organizations off-guard. In the modern era of pervasive digital engagement, protecting your organization and customers across digital channels is vital to success.

Threats don’t just compromise data – they erode trust, which is the foundation of business relationships. That’s why AtData is dedicated to innovating solutions that watch for anomalous or malicious behavior across digital activity to prevent fraud, identify spamtraps and dangerous domains, and build defenses against ever evolving threats.

Email Address Focused Protection

40% of fraudsters attempt it with a newly created email address. This digital identity marker, as a vital communication channel, represents both an opportunity and a challenge. While it can connect businesses with customers in personal, direct ways across channels, it’s also a target for those looking to exploit.

We empower organizations to be proactive in their approach with clean, up-to-date data, as well as advanced machine learning models to detect fraud. It’s about creating an environment where every email address accessing or utilized in your system can be trusted.

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Fraud Prevention

Build powerful fraud prevention algorithms with billions of monthly email data points.

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