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Understand the Person Behind the Email Address

Retail and ecommerce companies are working harder than ever to bring in new customers and retain the ones they already have. But with customer acquisition costs, inflation, and privacy regulations on the rise, you must maximize your first-party data to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

By implementing strategies and technologies at the point of data ingestion, you can ensure what you’ve collected is not only accurate, but also begin to strengthen those customer profiles with identity resolution, demographics, and behavioral signals. This enables you to deliver highly personalized messages to the right person wherever they are engaging with your brand.

Problems We Help Retailers Solve

Capture accurate customer data and improve acquisition efforts

Verify, validate, and correct email addresses to ensure your marketing efforts downstream aren’t compromised and your outreach efforts are impactful.

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Expand omnichannel reach and increase personalization

Link identities and strengthen customer profiles to gain a comprehensive view of your customers and enable compelling cross-channel experiences.

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Re-engage your audience to boost campaign performance

Revive relationships with your inactive customers by providing relevant and targeted content on their most active channels.

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Protect against fraud and reduce chargebacks

Protect your business at every stage of the customer journey using the power of Email Address Intelligence.

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