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Enhancing Your Fraud Prevention Ecosystem

When it comes to fraud prevention, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t enough. The dynamic nature of online fraud demands solutions that are not just robust but also highly adaptable and data-driven.

AtData specializes in a key piece of this holistic method: leveraging our unparalleled email database and robust activity signals to boost your fraud prevention algorithms. This unique focus enables us to provide an in-depth and targeted strategy for safeguarding the most critical components in digital interactions — the email address. Through our expertise, we empower your fraud prevention efforts with the most comprehensive and insightful data available, ensuring a strong defense against the threats of online fraud.

Tailoring Fraud Prevention to Your Needs

We understand fraud prevention is a multi-layered endeavor that can often requires a blend of security measures. That’s why our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other components of your fraud prevention strategy.

This approach ensures you fortify the email address front with AtData and can simultaneously secure all aspects within your fraud prevention system. Incorporating AtData into your strategy means our piece of the puzzle is expertly handled, allowing you to focus on your core business with the confidence that your fraud prevention measures are robust, integrated, and comprehensive.

Seamless Integration and Real-World Applications

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Build robust fraud prevention algorithms with our robust historical database and billions of monthly email address activity signals.

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Dig deeper into our risk scoring and see the wealth of information we utilize to identify and stop fraud.

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