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FreshAddress launched with website and free consumer service

FreshAddress was the leading email marketing intelligence company helping businesses and nonprofits clean, protect, and grow their email files for maximum return on their investment. Service offerings included its patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) service, SafeToSend® email validation, correction, and hygiene, and a full suite of appending services.


TowerData launched to provide quality email append services to marketers

TowerData was the largest supplier of email data, powering validation and identity matching with real-time, comprehensive, and accurate email data. With TowerData’s suite of services, they ensured customer identity insights to allow companies to grow and protect their customers.


FreshAddress acquired Return Path’s Email Change of Address business unit

Under the terms of the deal, FreshAddress acquired Return Path’s old/new e-mail address change-pairs, hygiene technology, client and partner relationships, and related patents in a move to create a centralized database of consumer e-mail address updates.

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TowerData acquired Rapleaf, an email data company, adding additional email intelligence services

Rapleaf was an email data company that helped marketers increase response rates and improve messaging by providing the demographic and lifestyle data needed to segment and personalize content for their audience.

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TZP partnered with FreshAddress to recapitalize the business and accelerate innovation

FreshAddress received a significant strategic investment from TZP Growth Partners, a private equity fund focused on growing business and consumer services companies. The funding has been used to accelerate growth and innovation. FreshAddress rapidly built upon its robust suite of email marketing optimization solutions, including its SafeToSend® hygiene, correction, and validation service, which has checked billions of email addresses.

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TowerData acquired Xverify, an email verification provider, to improve tech and market share

TowerData completed the acquisition of Xverify, an email validation provider. Since 2011, Xverify had verified over 11 billion email addresses and helped businesses worldwide improve the quality of their email lists and boost their marketing ROI. TowerData was the first company to release an email validation API in 2005 and by acquiring Xverify, they strengthened their long-term position at the forefront of the email validation industry.

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TowerData acquired Bouncepilot, an email retargeting and marketing automation platform

TowerData acquired Bouncepilot who helped ecommerce websites identify abandoned visitors and target them using email. They offered email retargeting from abandoned campaigns to keep in touch with unidentified visitors via email marketing. They provided personalized email content for each visitor based on on-site behavior, sending email sequences to retain customers. Bouncepilot was utilized in industries like retail, travel, media, and B2B.


FreshAddress simultaneously acquired and merged with TowerData

TowerData, a leading technology company that powered email-based identity matching, merged with FreshAddress, an email marketing intelligence company that helped businesses clean, protect, and grow their email lists. Together, they became the market leader of email verification and hygiene services and provided fast, easy, and secure access to accurate and complete data to better understand the person behind the email address. Powered by combined data assets leveraging billions of historical email and postal addresses and billions of monthly activity signals, the companies serviced thousands of clients, including many of the Fortune 500, and leading technology and data companies.

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FreshAddress and TowerData rebranded under AtData

TowerData and FreshAddress announced their rebranding as AtData, The Email Address Experts®. The AtData brand represents the culmination of over 20 years of combined expertise in providing technology-driven email solutions that help companies capture accurate, safe, and complete first-party data. AtData’s goal is to help our customers take control of their first-party email data collection, accelerate revenue growth, minimize the cost of fraud, and drive their data-oriented business strategies. Powered by unparalleled email data assets, with information on 98% of U.S. emails, we offer a complete set of solutions for achieving these objectives.

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