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Connect and Resolve Your Consumer Profiles

Choosing an email data service provider is about realizing you could be doing more to understand and reach your audience. For businesses ready to bridge that gap, that’s where AtData comes in. It’s not just reaching out to email addresses, but actually connecting with people. Real, live, complex individuals. We’re in the business of understanding that the “product” is not something tangible— it’s the idea of reaching your customers in a way that feels personal to them.

That’s the heart of AtData’s Identity Services: tailored data solutions that give organizations a powerful, logical, and emotionally engaging way to connect with the customer behind the email address. It’s not just about adding data, but about creating value where it counts.

Every service offered by AtData is a step towards a more complete, more connected understanding of the individuals behind the data. Our Identity Services are designed for those who seek to engage with the individual, not the inbox, to make every interaction count, every campaign smarter, and every dollar work harder.

That’s the real solution AtData offers: clarity, connection, and the power to turn insights into action.

Identity Solutions We Offer

Email Append

Match deliverable emails with your postal list.

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Postal Append

Add postal addresses to your email list.

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Alternate Email

Reconnect with lost customers and protect ROI.

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Website Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous web visitors.

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