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From Ingestion to Activation

AtData understands the intricate balance of managing the entirety of a customer journey while making it consistent and relevant to your customers. Our email address intelligence solutions weave into every step of the process to ensure your business really knows the individual behind an email address to build and maintain relationships with your valued customers.

Not all data is created equal. The value of first party data doesn’t lie solely in quantity, but primarily in quality. And activation requires more than just collecting— it necessitates understanding and using that data to its maximum potential. Our cutting-edge techniques set the right foundation for meaningful interactions with your customers and the best return on investment.

Journey Continuation

But we don’t stop there. We’re here to ensure that your email address data remains relevant, and effective as your journey progresses. With our holistic approach, you can:

The Full Picture: A 360° Customer View

The modern customer navigates a myriad of touchpoints. Bridging these interactions into a seamless experience is the key to brand loyalty. AtData’s offerings are designed to thread these disparate data points into a single, omnichannel view. By filling in the unknown, you’re equipped to:

AtData: One Vendor, Multiple Solutions

What sets us apart is our holistic approach— we’re your one-stop-shop for all things email address intelligence. And in our digital world, the email address still reigns. Our mission is to ensure that every step in your customer’s journey is data-driven, efficient, and seamless.

We have been widely recognized for our expertise in email verification for over 20 years. From that unparalleled foundation, we have grown and innovated. Our solutions improve and secure not just your data, but your brand reputation.

As we’ve evolved, our commitment has always been steadfast – to serve businesses throughout the customer lifecycle. We take pride in our email verification legacy and use our unmatched data, network, and experience to bolster all our email address intelligence solutions. From verification to enrichment, from fraud prevention to fostering loyalty, AtData is there to help your business every step of the way.

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