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Connecting the Dots Between an Email Address and the Person Behind It

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. As we navigate the currents in our modern world, the adage “knowledge is power” has transformed into the contemporary truth: “data is power.” In the digital era, the value of data is undeniable, and our ability to sift through and extract meaningful insights is critical.

As data’s importance grows, one piece of information stands out for its enduring value: the email address. It’s more than just a point of communication — it’s a consistent digital identifier and reliable source of information filled with insights.

Email address intelligence means understanding more than just email interactions. It’s about connecting the dots between an email address and the person behind it.

This process reveals preferences, behaviors, activity, and engagement, allowing for validation and identification. This naturally lends itself to segmentation, omnichannel personalization, as well as safeguarding against fraud and other potential threats. AtData has honed our tools and methodologies to simplify the complexity, providing businesses with clear, actionable data and strategies.

Why Email Address Intelligence?

What Sets AtData Apart?


Core focus for over 20 years

The result of the merger of TowerData and FreshAddress, AtData has unparalleled expertise with email-centric data, having built the most comprehensive database in the industry to give businesses a holistic view of the user behind the email address. We confidently and accurately tie email data to a wealth of identity information enhanced with behavioral insights.


Industry leading data

The real value in data often lies beneath layers of noise, duplicates, and inconsistencies. Our email validation and data hygiene processes ensure that businesses work with the most refined and reliable datasets. We enrich first party data with relevant information from a wealth of sources to offer the most complete, up-to-date consumer profiles.


At the forefront of innovation

With our proprietary global network regularly processing billions of data points and machine learning, we consistently pioneer new techniques and technologies across our solutions to ensure the most robust, accurate results. From predicting trends and behaviors to mapping activity and stopping fraud, our advanced technology will provide you with a competitive edge.

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