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Lake life is the best life… data lake that is. Most companies have disparate databases across their enterprise. Data from sign-up forms, data from brick and mortar point-of-sale, data from ecommerce platforms and apps. Not to mention each and every marketing channel. It’s time to unify.

Identity resolution will transform your customer focused strategies. At its core, it offers a method of seamlessly integrating information from various sources for more robust consumer profiles to improve omnichannel reach, targeting, and attribution.

Get a more holistic understanding of your customers. AtData utilizes the most valuable identity marker, the email address, to connect your various databases, lists, or programs by adding names, postal addresses, and alternate additional email addresses for an individual or household. The end result is a more complete picture of your prospects and customers.

AtData’s Solutions for Connecting Identities

SafeToSend® Email Verification

The first step in resolving identities is good data – validate and update your email addresses for improved accuracy and deliverability. SafeToSend is designed to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By ensuring this primary identity marker is valid and correct, businesses can more confidently match additional data points.

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Alternate Email

AtData’s Alternate Email is tailored to address the challenges of inactive, outdated email addresses. By identifying and utilizing alternate, active email addresses for these individuals, you can maintain and enhance your connection with current customers. Unify customer profiles by linking multiple emails from the same individual or household together to improve personalization and analytics.

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Email Append

Enhance your customer database by adding missing emails to existing postal addresses. If you’re looking to expand your reach in digital marketing channels and improve customer communication by contacting them in their preferred method, you need email addresses to succeed.

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Postal Append

Take your marketing offline by adding postal addresses for direct mail campaigns and geolocation personalization. Postal Append adds postal addresses to customer records which allows you to reach customers through traditional mailing methods. It enriches customer profiles, making them more comprehensive for various marketing strategies.

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Demographic Append

Make a great first impression by showing new customers you’re paying attention to the details. Enrich your customer data with demographic information like age, gender, income, etc. This additional data helps improve segmentation to create targeted marketing campaigns at scale. It’s essential to tailor messaging to your audience.

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Website Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous browsers and connect them with existing customer profiles. Link unknown traffic back to identifiable profiles to gain additional insight into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used for personalized retargeting and improved user experience.

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The Benefits of Identity Matching

Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is essential in unifying an individual’s activities and profiles across multiple data sources, crucial for today’s varied digital interactions. It involves sophisticated matching utilizing machine learning to accurately link associated data and activity back to an individual or household. This is key to eliminating duplicates, enriching customer profiles, enhancing overall data quality, and improving the accuracy of attribution and analytics. Achieving a unified customer view allows you to deliver personalized experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and make marketing efforts more efficient.

Omnichannel Attribution

Omnichannel attribution assesses customer interactions across channels to inform marketing strategies. It tracks the customer journey from awareness to purchase, using models like last-touch and multi-touch attribution to determine the impact of each channel on decision-making. This approach enhances marketing efficiency by pinpointing effective channels for driving conversions, supporting targeted efforts, and fostering an integrated, customer-centric engagement strategy.

Improved Decision Making

With a more comprehensive view of your consumers, you can make more informed decisions. Connected data provides insights into customer behavior and market trends allowing for more strategic planning and execution.

Enhanced Customer Insights

By integrating customer data from various touchpoints, you can gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. This can lead to more effective marketing strategies, improved customer service, and increased customer loyalty.

Risk Management

The ability to analyze data from various sources enables businesses to better identify and manage risks. Whether it’s financial risk, supply chain disruptions, or cybersecurity threats, connected and complete data provides the intelligence needed to mitigate risks more effectively.

Innovation and Growth

Connected data fosters innovation by providing new insights and uncovering opportunities for growth. Businesses can use these insights to develop new products, enter new markets, and create competitive advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose for connected consumer data?

Connected data focuses on integrating and linking consumer information from various sources to create a unified, interconnected profile, unlike where data remains in isolated silos throughout an organization.

What role does AI play in connecting data?

AI enhances the ability to connect data by enabling advanced predictive modeling, which helps to extract more meaningful insights from large and complex datasets as well as more accurately link information to the same individual or household.

What are the key challenges in resolving identities?

The main challenges include managing data integration complexities, ensuring data privacy and security, overcoming data silos, maintaining data quality, and addressing gaps for a unified view.

How does connected data impact customer relationship management?

Connected data provides deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors, enabling more personalized interactions and improving overall customer loyalty.

Can connected data help in predicting market trends?

Yes, by analyzing more robust consumer profiles linked together from various sources, connected data can help businesses predict trends and adapt their strategies accordingly.

What is the significance of data governance in identity resolution?

Data governance is crucial in ensuring the accuracy, consistency, security, and privacy of data. Data integrity is important to any business and ensuring consumer data is handled in the most secure and privacy conscious way is crucial. Data governance can help ensure your organization is honoring an individual’s preferences and rights.

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