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Prevent Fraudulent Accounts with Accurate, Secure Email Data

The email address is the central component of a person’s digital identity. With more than 4 billion emails worldwide, it is the thread that ties online profiles together and remains the most cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. But more importantly, it’s a consistent digital identifier and reliable source of information filled with insights specifically tied to identifying and flagging fraudulent indicators.

Email address intelligence focuses on connecting the dots between the email address and the person behind it. This means focusing on each unique email address and the preferences, behaviors, activity and engagement it carries with it. Email address intelligence offers an essential layer of protection to safeguard your database and minimize potential threats which can impact your bottom line and damage your reputation.

Protection Built on Comprehensive Fraud Detection Factors

Utilizing a robust email-centric database made up of a 99% email recognition rate in North America and billions of monthly email activity signals, AtData provides a clear picture of who users are upon account creation.

99% Email Address Recognition Rate in North America

4+ Billion Email Activity Signals Processed Monthly

Billions of Identity Linkages and Validated Email Addresses

Over 20 years Specializing in Email Address Intelligence

Utilizing a single email address, our machine learning-based model uses AtData metadata to accurately identify high-risk and fraudulent profiles in an easy-to-use score based on a wealth of information including:

AtData’s accurate email data will help your organization quickly identify a potential fraudulent customer profile. With our elaborate set of network email signals and established fraud prevention API, you can pinpoint malicious activity at a more rapid pace across billions of datapoints.

AtData is the leader in email address intelligence with our 20 years of experience and historical data. Armed with billions of email events processed daily, you can fuel your fraud decision logic to better assess risk.

Accelerate Onboarding, Reduce Friction

In today’s digital ecosphere, there are 5.3 billion internet users worldwide thanks to an increase in online shopping and social media usage. With many online engagements and transactions happening every day, there are more points of entry for a fraudster to infiltrate a business than ever before, and this starts with account creation and digital onboarding.

Being in control of the onboarding stage in the customer journey enables your business to stop fraudulent attacks before it can impact your revenue stream, which according to a recent Juniper Research study, fraud losses will exceed $343 billion globally by 2027. The increase in digital fraud and the potential monetary impact it can have has forced organizations to push unnecessary friction onto their customers as well as their internal teams to ensure the end-user is legitimate. This often leads to a decrease in conversions and wasted resources.

In the digital age, customers expect to interact with your business through multiple channels and devices and desire a simple account creation process that offers them easy access to your system, but they also believe data privacy is a top priority. It is critical that you minimize the amount of personal identity information you collect to not only speed up the onboarding process, but also limit the risk of data exposure. This requires a delicate balance between enhancing the customer experience and preventing fraud, which hinges on the accuracy of email address provided at sign-up.

Defend Account Creations and Prevent Fraud with the Email Address Experts

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