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40% of fraudsters use a new email address.

10% of those new email addresses are fake or invalid.

Is fraudulent email data still slipping past your security algorithms and compromising the integrity of your database? Account origination is prime real estate for bad actors to attack. It’s a worry many organizations have, and it starts with an email address.

AtData’s Fraud Solutions are email address based and the perfect ingredient for your prevention efforts. Our easy use score allows you to minimize friction and make fast and accurate decisions at the point of capture.

Solutions We Offer

Fraud Prevention

Build powerful fraud prevention algorithms with billions of monthly email data points.

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SafeToSend® Email Verification

Flag invalid and risky email addresses through proprietary methods as a first-line fraud defense.

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Risk Score

Built on a foundation of comprehensive fraud detection factors, from behavioral insights to domain risk analysis.

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Power Fraud and Risk Decisions with Email Address Intelligence

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