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SafeToSend®- Standard Results File Layout, Field Descriptions and Integration Tips

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SafeToSend® Results File Layout:

Full Results File Layout:

Table of Values

Possible Value? (Yes/No)
# Finding Comment Comment_Code Sugg_Email / Sugg_Comment
1 V valid V Yes
2 V valid SafeToSend VS No
3 V customer override CO Yes
4 V client exception CE No
5 E missing @ A1 Yes
6 E missing username A2 No
7 E missing domain A3 No
8 E multiple @ A4 Yes
9 E bad character C1 Yes
10 E double .com CC Yes
11 E bad top level domain DT Yes
12 E bad length LN No
13 E contains multiple typos ML Yes
14 E ends with period P2 Yes
15 E double period in domain P3 Yes
16 E period following @ P4 Yes
17 E starts with a period P5 Yes
18 W invalid email account B Yes
19 W bad domain DC Yes
20 W bogus XB No
21 W client restricted XC No
22 W disposable XD Yes
23 W EMPS suppression XE No
24 W frequent complainer XF No
25 W domain specific syntax error XH No
26 W language XL No
27 W problematic XP Yes
28 W role account XR No
29 W FCC wireless XW No
30 W Suspect MR No
31 D duplicate DP Yes

COMMENT Glossary by Finding

Suggested Actions by Finding

V: Valid. Segment records by COMMENT / COMMENT_CODE values.

“valid SafeToSend”: Message. Records with the COMMENT value “valid SafeToSend” have passed 100% of the SafeToSend® process and are subject to AtData’s deliverability guarantee.
“valid”: Message cautiously, may experience some hard bounces. The email address passed the majority of our SafeToSend® process however it cannot be 100% confirmed as deliverable and thus is not subject to our deliverability guarantee.

W: Warning. Suppress Input / Use Suggestion if available.
E: Error.
Suppress Input / Use Suggestion if available.
D: Duplicate.
Suppress Input