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FreshAddress, LLC is committed to providing you the highest quality results at a competitive price. So as not to incur additional expenses, we ask that you format and transmit your files in accordance with our published specifications.

If additional services are required or requested to process your file, the following charges will apply:

Child Protection Registry Laws

Fee: $500 + cost of service, unless Client indemnifies FreshAddress against any possible violations of the Michigan Children’s Protection Registry Act and the Utah Child Protection Registry. 

Custom Messaging Schedule

Specific deployment date for permission message or specific requirements re: throttling rate of deployment. Additional time may be added to the project’s turnaround time based on number of custom deployments.
Fee: $300

Customized Permission Message

Customizing layout and design of permission message according to client specifications. Standard contract allows only minor copy changes to message template. Optional customization includes review of creative for copy requirements, verification of HTML code, creation of text version of message, testing and confirmation of links and graphics, and review for spam filter triggers. Fee: No charge for 1st template, $250 for each additional template. Multiple templates will require extra processing time, ask your Account Representative for more information.

Note: After the creative test is emailed to you, any additional changes will be billed at $150 per hour, billed in ¼ hour increments. If resubmission of creative assets is necessary, a $500 setup fee per custom template will apply. Please note that changes and/or redelivery of creative will delay the completion date of the project.

Data Formatting

Reformatting incoming files or fields to meet published list processing specifications, or reformatting files at the end of a job to meet custom client specifications.
Fee: $1 cpm, $250 minimum

Encryption or Decryption

Protecting files during transmission using PGP encryption.
Fee: No charge

Expedited Processing

Expedited processing may be available for your project, depending on service type and list size. Ask your Account Representative for additional information.
Fee: 20% of total project cost

Filtering/Custom File Matching

Running a select and/or prioritizing records for matching per client’s specifications.
Fee: $300

Input File Rematching

If additional client deliverables are required but not received within the contracted timeframe, it will be necessary to rematch the data file.
Fee: $1,000

Multiple Branded Permission Messages

Standard contract includes only one branded permission message template. Multiple brands require dynamically switching company name, logo, postal address, and change/unsubscribe landing page based on a designator within the customer data file. If requested, tests of the templates can be sent to a single client contact person for review and approval. Ten or more message templates will add one business day to the project’s turnaround time.

Quantity of Brands Price Per Additional Branded Template
1-4 $250
5-9 $200
10-19 $175
20-29 $150
30-39 $125
40-49 $100
50-99 $75
100+ $50

Multiple Summary Reports

Standard contract includes one summary report provided at the completion of your project. Summary reports for each of your brands or client lists can be provided. One business day will be added to the project’s turnaround time.
Fee: $125 for each additional summary report

National Change of Address Services (NCOA)

Perform postal NCOA processing to obtain updated postal information. Allow three business days.
Fee: $2cpm, $500 minimum

Physical Data Delivery

Receiving or sending data on CD/DVD via overnight delivery.
Fee: $75 per delivery

Research or Technical Assistance

Assisting client with file export, transmission, integration, data questions, or email creative code and QC.
Fee: $200/hour, 1/4-hour increments

Restoration from Archive

Retrieving file from offline backup, if available.
Fee: $250

Special Duplicate Flagging

SafeToSend® Full Service processing will identity and flag duplicates for removal across the entire input file. Flagging duplicates only within specified data sets (e.g. by “brand”) is available.
Fee: $300

Stitching or Splitting

Combining multiple files into one, or separating one file into multiples. Standard contract includes one file in and one set of result files. Stitching and splitting involves multiple file assembly/disassembly and quality control. One business day will be added to the project’s turnaround time for either stitching of splitting.
Fee: $250 per additional file submitted (file stitch) or returned (file split)


Running a client-provided suppression file.
Note: this service is complimentary for unsubscribe files.
Note for ECOA Clients: Without charge, we will automatically suppress your input file from our results. It is not necessary to include your bounce/inactive list within your suppression file. Doing so may delay processing on your project.
Fee: $1cpm, $250 minimum

Services and fees subject to change without notice.