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File Formatting & Transmission

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What are the standard format and fields required for submitting our files?

We ask that you format and transmit your file in accordance with our published specifications.

Can you work with other file formats?

For an additional data formatting fee, we can accept almost any database format.

How do we submit our list?

Please read here.

What is an “unsubscribe” file?

An “unsubscribe” file contains a cumulative list of email addresses that have unsubscribed from receiving email from your company. You will need to provide us with this list to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations. AtData will scrub your match results to ensure the individuals on your unsubscribe list are not messaged. These addresses will also be added directly to your final results as “unsubscribes.”

What is a “suppression” file?

A “suppression” file is a list of email addresses that you do not want to be messaged and you do not want to receive in your results. You must request a suppression service if you specifically want to keep these addresses out of the results. AtData charges a nominal fee to run a suppression list.