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First-Party Data Starts with an Email Address

Our new name plus our tagline, “The Email Address Experts”, conveys our core strength and focus on email data and its importance as the center of identity in our increasingly digital-first world.

The goal of combining TowerData with FreshAddress to form AtData is to help our customers take control of their email data collection, accelerate growth, minimize the cost of fraud, and drive their data-centric strategies. Powered by our unparalleled email data assets and email address intelligence, we offer a complete set of solutions for achieving these objectives:

“As we integrated the two companies and looked forward, we realized that, despite the rich legacies and strong reputations of TowerData and FreshAddress, our team and vision was best served by a new brand that captured our shared strength and future potential. We take great pride in the fact that our clients and partners turn to us first when looking for email-based solutions, and the AtData brand encompasses our belief in the email address as the key to identity and the access point to a wealth of information companies can use to maximize revenues while minimizing risk.”

– Tom Burke, CEO

AtData continues to evolve and grow its email data services while retaining TowerData’s dedication to exceptional customer service, privacy compliance, and data security.

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