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AtData Expands High-Risk Email Domain Identification in Its Flagship SafeToSend® Email Verification Service

Mar 20, 2023   |   2 min read

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Dedham, MA (March 20, 2023) – AtData, The Email Address Experts, today announced the launch of additional high-risk and dangerous email domain identification and categorization in its email verification and hygiene service, SafeToSend®. Utilizing its proprietary, global email address network which processes billions of real-time signals per month, AtData can more rapidly identify abnormal activity that would otherwise go unnoticed by any single organization. Since January 1st, AtData has identified almost 13,000 high-risk domains that accounted for over 60,000 malicious emails that targeted AtData clients.

Risky emails that can abuse your site or ruin your inbox delivery will not bounce. They include spamtraps as well as domains used for phishing or spreading malware. Whereas other validation services will simply tell you these emails are valid, AtData’s SafeToSend® identifies these dangerous emails and domains, helping you avoid deliverability issues or worse.

For over 20 years, AtData’s email hygiene solutions have protected email marketers with advanced spamtrap and honeypot fingerprinting. The capabilities announced today leverage machine learning models that analyze signal patterns across the AtData network and will more quickly and automatically detect malicious domain and email behavior. For instance, one such domain targeted dozens of organizations with over 2,000 unique emails in a span of just 15 days. Where an individual company may only see 1 or 2 email addresses it thinks are innocuous, AtData sees activity across thousands of sources and billions of events each month.

“We’ve seen dangerous domains spin up rapidly and have distributed attacks that result in thousands of signals across our network. Demonstrating our commitment to delivering superior email address intelligence, our data science team developed a system to not only identify and flag these emails, but continually check and recheck so our clients can be sure their data is truly safe to send,” said Tom Burke, CEO of AtData.

AtData is committed to providing the highest level of security and protection, and this rapid trap detection is now part of AtData’s SafeToSend® service, ensuring AtData’s clients don’t deploy to these risky addresses. By pairing SafeToSend® with AtData’s List Guard service, you can monitor your email list and remove any emails that initially passed validation but are later identified as traps.

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