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What is Email Verification?

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Email Verification helps you identify poor data and clean your list.

AtData’s Email Verification service helps you improve delivery rates, protect your sender reputation and reach your customers by removing bad emails on your list. Better deliverability can lead to higher opens, clicks and conversions.

AtData’s Email Verification is a four-part process:

  1. Catch and correct: Stop or fix inaccurate email syntax and spelling errors
  2. Block toxic emails: Identify risky, fake or malicious emails
  3. Confirm: Check domain
  4. Verify: Ping mailbox to verify it exists
Validation results

AtData’s Email Verification service flags role-based accounts, disposable email addresses and applies one of 30 different status codes to each email address, allowing you to precisely clean your list per your business needs.

You can upload your list for Verification via Instantdata and also you can stop bad emails at the point of entry by integrating our API with your webform.

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