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How often should I use Email Verification?

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Learn how to practice good marketing data hygiene with Email Verification.

Practicing regular list hygiene is vital to maintaining the health of your database and your sender reputation.

It is recommended you run Email Verification periodically, as well as anytime you believe your sender reputation could be compromised. AtData’s clients often choose to run Email Verification before mailing to newly generated leads.

However, how often you run Email Verification is dependent on several factors, such as the size of your database, the growth of your database, your organization’s goals and your budget.

Some cases when to use Email Verification include:

For example, you may choose to grow your email list quickly with a contest that requires an email sign up. It would be prudent to run your newly acquired emails through Verification to ensure they are real customers, not fake or malicious emails.

For more information and guidance, contact us or your dedicated AtData account executive.