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How to verify and enhance email addresses in Emarsys with InstantData.

Validating the email addresses on your Emarsys list or appending demographics to them with our Email Intelligence service is super easy. This article covers importing your Emarsys list into InstantData for processing and exporting InstantData results back to Emarsys.

Importing Your Emarsys List

First, login to your InstantData account, and then click the “Import List” button on the top right of the page. Select “Emarsys” from the choices in the dropdown as shown below.


You’ll then be prompted for your Emarsys API credentials, as shown here.


You can access your API keys via the “Admin > Security Settings” menu in your Emarsys account. If you don’t see this menu option, contact your Emarsys administrator.

We recommend creating a new API key for use with InstantData.

Once you’ve saved your API credentials, we’ll show you the lists in your Emarsys account. Select one or more lists that you either want to validate or enhance, and then click the “Import” button.


On the next screen, check each service you want to run, and click the “Start” button at the bottom.


Once the data is done running, you can view the results on the List Overview page and purchase the data you need. Remember, you can either download the results to your computer for offline analysis and segmentation or you can export them directly back into Emarsys from InstantData.

Exporting InstantData Results to Emarsys

To begin exporting your data back into Emarsys, click the blue “Get Results” button at the top right.


You’ll get a pop-up that displays the options for sending the results to your Emarsys account. If you’d rather not send the information back to Emarsys just yet, select the “Download Results” tab at the top.


Looking for descriptions of each option? Simply hover your cursor over the options on the left and descriptions will appear in the right pane. 

You can either select “Update List” to add InstantData results directly to the list you imported, or you can select “New List” to create a new list with the processed contacts plus the added data.

If you selected the Email Validation service, you’ll see an option to “Unsubscribe invalid emails”.
Please note: Enabling this will unsubscribe all the emails with a validation status of “invalid” so that you no longer send email messages to bad addresses. Think of it as a way to help you improve your email marketing metrics!

After selecting your export options, press the green “Continue” button at the bottom to move to the next step.

But first, a quick note on the options and what each involves.

Email Validation Result Options

If you run Email Validation and select “Update List” in the export options, all of the contacts that are validated will be updated. If you instead choose to create a “New List,” you’ll see the below screenshot of Email Validation options next.

This “New List” option allows you to choose the results you want to go into the new list. You can hover over each option to see a description of it on the right pane, and if you want even more detail, check out our handy help article on Email Validation result options.


Email Intelligence Result Options

If you run Email Intelligence, you will be presented with the Email Intelligence options screen, regardless of the export options you select.


Here, you can either choose to have:

  1. all the demographics and behavioral data you purchase exported to Emarsys by selecting the “All Results” option


  2. specific, chosen data fields exported by clicking the “Customize” toggle (highlighted with the red arrow above) and selecting your desired data fields.

Curious about the data available? Learn more about our Email Intelligence result options.

Starting Your Export

To finish the process, click the green “Export Results” button after making your data selection, and you’ll be taken to a progress screen as we send your data to Emarsys. Depending on the size of your list, it may take a few minutes to complete.

You can either wait for the process to complete or we’ll send you an email to notify you when it’s done.

Here’s what your contact record will look like with InstantData fields in Emarsys:


The fields created by InstantData will all start with the prefix “TD” to avoid overwriting any existing fields you may have with the same name.

We hope you enjoy your data!