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Perfecting the Art of Email-Centric Protection

In today’s interconnected world, an email address is for more than just messages – they’re stories of trust, opportunity, and sometimes deceit. AtData has honed the craft of email-centric fraud prevention for over two decades, turning these stories into powerful insights.

Our comprehensive tools, ranging from AI-driven risk analyses to advanced domain insights, transform emails into robust shields against fraud. We empower businesses worldwide to achieve seamless transactions, frictionless onboarding, and untarnished reputations. Partner with AtData to redefine digital security.

Stop Fraud and Reduce Friction – Driven by Email Data

The leader in fraud prevention with activity history on 98% of emails.

Proprietary fields and models to identify malicious users.

We power accessible and comprehensive real-time fraud prevention.

We help you monitor account creations and ecommerce transactions.

Advance Your Fraud Insights
with our Proprietary Data


AI Risk Score

Use of meta data from our platform to determine a numeric risk value driven by our ML models.


Domain and IP Analytics

Real-time profiling of email domain risk along with activity across the platform. Analyzes IPs to gain trust and provide a comprehensive global profile overview.


Behavioral Insights

Gain customer behavioral insights through: first activity date, longevity, email velocity, and email popularity. The date an email becomes active is a key indicator used in evaluating risk.


Email Validation

Stop risky, dead, and inaccurate email addresses with enterprise grade accuracy and security.


Platform Tumbling Check

Catch fraudsters using sequentially named email addresses or multiple variations of the same email.


Name, Address, and Email Correlation and Anomalies

Checks that the first name, last name, and postal address fields match information previously seen and confirmed associated with that profile as well as if there are an anomalous quantity of postal addresses associated with a given email address and vice-versa.


Fraud Consortium

Identifies and tracks fraudulent email status and history across our platform and network. Through a dedicated API, our partners update profile statuses and confirmed fraud classifications.

Power Fraud Prevention with Our Leading Global Email Address Intelligence

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