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Emailage is a lightweight solution that helps to verify an individual’s email address without adding friction. Their risk score utilizes data points inclusive of email activity, status, age, and associated identifiers such as identity and IP address.

Your fraud prevention strategy will require specific needs based on your organization. These are key to determining if Emailage is the best solution for you. Being owned by LexisNexis, Emailage could be a valuable part of your enterprise package. There are, however, more cost effective and robust solutions that focus around email address intelligence.

Disclaimer: This comparison is based on publicly accessible information researched from various websites. We did not directly test our solutions against theirs. Please contact us with any updates.

AtData and Emailage Comparison Table




Risk Score YES YES
Customization of Risk Score YES NO
Proprietary Global Email Network YES NO
Email Activity Date YES YES
Email Activity Metrics YES YES
Email Validation YES YES
Advanced Tumbling Detection YES NO
Domain Activity YES NO
Domain Risk YES YES
Realtime Domain Classification YES NO
IP Proxy Analysis YES NO
IP VM Detection YES NO
IP Location YES YES
Address Validation YES NO
Email To Name Correlation YES YES
Email To Address Correlation YES NO
High Volume Email to Address Detection YES NO
High Volume Address to Email Detection YES NO
Phone Verification 2024 NO
User Portal YES YES

Why AtData is an Alternative to Emailage

AtData has been solely focused on email data for over two decades. As the leader in email address intelligence, we have the most robust and comprehensive email address recognition rate. When an individual’s email address is used across platforms, apps, subscriptions, and checkouts, they can be utilized as a robust shield against fraud. With our proprietary consortium network, AtData turns billions of monthly real-time signals into powerful insights.

From AI-driven risk analyses to rapid risk scoring — our comprehensive solution transforms emails into a frontline defense against fraud. Achieve seamless transactions, frictionless onboarding, and untarnished reputations.

Ready to turn email data into a shield against fraud?

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