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Shopify Rocks Black Friday Content

Oct 13, 2017   |   1 min read

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If you happen to be an eCommerce marketer, and we all know you are, then check out all the Black Friday Cyber Monday (#BFCM) content that Shopify has been cranking out. Those Canadians sure are rocking it, eh?

Shopify has a bunch of posts from 2016 and before, but some of the 2017 hits include:

And my personal favorite, the2016 Black Friday Recap, full of useful pieces of information like:

The Most Popular Hours to Shop

Interestingly, we discovered an eight hour difference in peak order times between shopping days. On Black Friday, order traffic steadily increased until hitting a 12 p.m. peak. During Cyber Monday, shoppers took a mid-evening break before peaking at 9 p.m. If you noticed that 3 a.m. bump early Friday morning, we’re guessing those were west coast shoppers snagging deals at midnight (PST).

Overall, well done Shopify-ers. You’ve got a great resource for marketers over there!

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