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3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence to Refine Your Email Strategy

Oct 16, 2017   |   2 min read

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customer intelligence email strategyYou’re a loyal customer who loves a brand’s boots, but suddenly, ads for their sleeping bags start popping up. What’s the deal? You’ve only ever bought their boots, and you’re more about the great indoors than the great outdoors. So why are they targeting you with a sleeping bag?

It’s impersonal and irritating: Does your favorite brand even know you?

Customer intelligence allows you to know interests and wants of your customers and prospects, and lets you reach your audience with the right message at the right time.

Here’s how you can use customer intelligence to refine your email strategy.

Use purchase intent to send a targeted offer

In our fictional example, you’re shopping online for boots. With customer intelligence, the brand can know when you’re on the site and that you’re browsing its selection of red boots. Now, the brand can send you a targeted email with more information about the boots you’re browsing and a discount code for a pair.

Create highly segmented, targeted emails

Without data, marketers sent a static offer to everyone in their lists. Nothing was personal, no one was treated uniquely.

Now, you can use easily accessible data to segment your customers into large groups based on things like age, demographics, title or recent purchase history. The problem with this approach is that you lack the customer data to create advanced analytics that can drill down even further to create more personal messages.

With the right customer data at your fingertips, you can create highly targeted emails for customers based on their interests and life stage – for example, people who are married, dog lovers and new homeowners.

Consider this from Harvard Business Review: “When coupled with a better understanding of where customers are in the buying cycle, these analytics allow us to take a smart, informed next best action that, most importantly, provides a relevant and satisfying customer experience.”

Create a specialized newsletter based on shopper type

You’ve got a segmented list of customers and prospects you know are deal seekers. Create a deal seekers’ newsletter for this list that highlights weekly or monthly deals. You can also use your data to include the most popular products people on the list have been browsing.

Customers want you to know their interests. Now, with better tools and data, marketers can create more dynamic campaigns that meet the unique needs and wants of their customers.

Start sending more relevant emails today with TowerData’s Active Customer Intelligence.

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