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7 Things That Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful

Oct 11, 2017   |   3 min read

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The efforts and money spent behind performing your email campaigns will be justified with the increased number of email open rates and improved number subscribers for your brand. emailcampaignsuccessful.jpg

I’m sure many of you will agree to that!

A recent research by Radicati Group, Inc. estimated 296 billion email send by people in 2017 and is expected to reach 3.7 billion email users worldwide by end of 2017.

And, in the coming 5 years’ time, the popular technology market research firm from Palo Alto, CA, USA has estimated for over 319.6 billion emails to be sent.

With the above, it is crucial for you to understand the importance of list segmentation while performing your email marketing campaigns for your organization.

Types of email list segmentation

1- Understand demographics

This is where you would like to filter your audience as per their age, sex, and location.

For example, if you are selling handbags and targeting all your audience, in general, may not encourage men or even elderly people to take actions compared to females.

Therefore, understanding demographic segmentation will help you create correct campaigns for relevant audience.

2- Understand preferences

This is where you would like to dig on your past customer’s purchase behavior to analyze the product choice, shipping service opted, shipping destination selected, most-browsed categories, and product size.

For example, considering the rush days or holidays you would like to enhance your audience’s shopping experience by offering them with special discounts and exclusive product deals.

Therefore, understanding your user-preferences will help you enhance their shopping choices and purchase orders during the rush days and remaining days of the year.

3- Understand transactional behavior

This is where you would like to analyze the details of transactions that include first purchase date, last purchase date, total amount spent, number of purchases, average order value, past product purchase

For example, if you provide service to multiple business owners and having a database for their transactions will help you target them with information that makes their further purchase even more easy and valuable.

Therefore, understanding your audience’s transactional behavior you’ll be able to offer services that have already been accepted by them in the past.

4- Understand website behavior

Last, you would not like to overlook the audience who have already shown interest in your website including cart abandoners and form abandoners.

For example, many audiences may add multiple products to their shopping cart, however, make few purchases, in worst cases, no purchases and immediately exit your site.

Therefore, tracking your website behavior you’ll be able to re-target website abandoners with relevant offers and encourage them to take actions on-the-go.

How does it help?

5- Enhance customer experience

Having an ability to understand customer’s preferences and choices, you can customize your email marketing campaigns for each list. This way you can improve email subscriptions and customer retention for your business.

6- Offer personalization

Mobile email open rates are skyrocketing and with the advantage of segmenting your email list, you can separately target content and product discounts at their fingertips based on their likings and actions, always.

7- Automate your email campaigns

Enhance your email segmentation with Email Intelligence service and get a chance to customize your email marketing campaigns while you automate campaigns to improve consistency and results, both.

Wrapping up

From the above, I’m sure you are now clear about why list segmentation is important and how can it lead to successful email marketing campaigns?

However, even more, important is to track reports for each email campaign and optimize your promotional strategies with time.

Good Luck!

Author Bio:

Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs that specializes in email template design services, mobile apps, digital marketing etc. Websites and email templates we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for end users. Follow him on Twitter @abparmar99 & say Hi!

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