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Rapleaf and ExactTarget Partner to Enhance One-to-One Email Marketing

Oct 25, 2011   |   1 min read

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Increasingly, marketers are focusing on sending personalized emails and engaging deeply with customers. One problem that they face, though is finding the tools to do so. At ExactTarget, a global leader in email marketing software, they make it their mission to help marketers harness the power of cross-channel interactive technologies, and send engagement and retention rates through the roof. As the leading provider in on-demand email and one-to-one marketing software solutions, they serve the world’s top brands, such as JetBlue Airlines, Pier 1, Expedia, Best Buy and more. ExactTarget offers an all-encompassing platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to market individually to consumers, across all channels.

Rapleaf and ExactTarget both believe in personalization, which is why we’re totally stoked to announce our partnership. ExactTarget has integrated Rapleaf data to offer their customers both high-level analytics and individual insights on their email lists, so marketers can learn even more about their audience base and engage accordingly. With Rapleaf, ExactTarget’s customers can increase the relevancy of their emails through smarter, more effective segmentation and personalized email content. By using Rapleaf insight in ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub, you can personalize the content of your emails in real-time by any Rapleaf data field; such as age, gender, location, income, and more. Besides generating much higher open rates, conversion rates, and revenue per email; more personalized messaging also keeps loyalty and engagement high and creates a more enjoyable customer experience. The best part about it? You don’t have to change a thing; it’s all right there in your existing ExactTarget platform. Watch how easy email segmentation can be with Rapleaf data in ExactTarget’s platform:

We couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to offer ExactTarget customers the power of personalization through ExactTarget’s all encompassing dashboard. Because we believe that marketers must first understand who they’re talking to in order to develop effective creative campaigns, we’re convinced that having access to this timely and relevant insight is vital to successful engagement across the real-time web. Awesome data + incredible software = massive personalization. If marketers can capture and use this winning combination, they can deliver more targeted, relevant, and engaging messages- across channels, and specific to each customer’s unique perspective.

Already a ExactTarget customer? Contact your ExactTarget relationship manager to add Rapleaf to your account today.


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