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How Mirapost Uses Rapleaf to Boost Clickthrough Rates by Up to 35%

Nov 1, 2011   |   2 min read

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A few weeks ago we announced our first round winners for the Rapleaf Personalization Fund, a fund created to donate cash and data grants to various startups with a strong focus on data and personalization. One of the featured winners, Mirapost, recently ran an email campaign with a client analyzing the effects of the Rapleaf integration, outlined below.

Mirapost allows you to personalize emails in a single campaign and optimize your email message to each subscriber based on powerful statistics and demographic data. Rapleaf data is now integrated into their platform to help Mirapost run regressions and help companies send the right message to the right person. Household income and gender are powerful indicators fueled by Rapleaf data Mirapost utilizes to help predict responses. They also leverage data from other third parties like activity on social media, past purchase history, or browsing behavior.

MiraPost multivariate targeting is a new kind of A/B testing for email marketing that uses data about subscribers to test multiple combinations of emails & seek out the most effective; sending more targeted emails and improving click through rates by up to 35%. MiraPost will also track and record metrics, such as engagement time, i.e. how long people read emails for, and more. Mirapost recently ran a test with a client who wanted to run an email campaign to drive purchases on a large inventory of CDs for sale. The client typically sends hundreds of thousand of emails per month. With MiraPost’s proprietary multivariate targeting technology, coupled with Rapleaf data, relevant offers and messaging can reach appropriate subscribers with the simple click of the send button.

The client ran the MiraPost test in three simple steps:

  1. Chose five subject lines, each with different artists’ names – choosing among Mannheim Steamroller, Tony Bennett, Johnny Cash, and Peter Gabriel.
  2. Decided they wanted to optimize for email click through, as opposed to opens or engagement time.
  3. Scheduled the test to run the following morning.

Without any manual segmentation or guesswork, MiraPost’s multivariate targeting algorithm calculated which demographic groups – across Rapleaf fields like age, gender, and household income – were most likely to respond to which subject lines.


Yet another great representation showing how data and technology increase efficiency and effectiveness in your email marketing efforts.

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