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Congrats to our First Round Winners for the Personalization Fund!

Oct 18, 2011   |   2 min read

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We are officially announcing our first round winners for the Rapleaf Personalization Fund,– a fund dedicated to supporting developers interested in creating projects built around data and personalization. The following winners are now live with Rapleaf data in their platforms to get their startups up and running–check em out: SimpleRelevance is a platform that uses customers’ demographics, interests and other information to automatically show them the most relevant content related to daily deals. They implemented Rapleaf with KoalaDeal to show how personalized information could be harnessed and show users daily deals they are most likely to love. MiraPost is smart multivariate split testing for MailChimp, and they are now using Rapleaf data to run regressions for better email optimization. The long-term vision is to bring the kinds of sophistication from the display ad space (better targeting, split testing, maybe mobile awareness) to email, and to democratize tools from high-end ESPs/marketers like send-time optimization. GetSpontaneous is an event discovery recommendation engine that finds fun for consumers in their neighborhood. The Rapleaf API integration helps personalize events for customers based on their location and interest data. Loggr is an analytics platform for web application owners enabling independent contractors, development shops and web startups to have a complete view of their user base. Loggr uses the Rapleaf API in order to help provide demographic analytics on the companies’ CRMs: Vixlo provides a platform for companies to embed surveys on their website and give coupons to those who complete the survey. Vixlo uses Rapleaf to match results from the survey with demographic information without ever having to waste time asking the user for it: Compojoom! was built off the Joomla! platform and uses Rapleaf to create a report about your site members’ demographics. The component compiles all data into a neat report, which displays the demographics as charts and in tables via google charts. YaYu is a service that enables consumers to use their mobile phones to provide information about their shopping preferences and demographics to stores as they walk in to receive more personalized service and offers. They are using Rapleaf to provide each user with a more personalized experience based on demographics: KickoffLabs is a social landing page platform that allows customers to quickly and easily build great-looking landing pages while gaining insights about their new customers – powered by Rapleaf. Starting is hard, and KickoffLabs helps to make that first step easier. We’re extremely excited to showcase the first round of winners. We’ve already received over 85 applicants in the first month, covering a wide breadth of personalization and data-related services, ranging from highly targeted daily deal sites to event recommendation services. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with more great startups and continue to support talented entrepreneurs and new products. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; to begin the application process or learn more, please visit

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