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KickoffLabs Gives New Businesses Key Demographic Insights

Jul 21, 2011   |   0 min read

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KickOffLabs believes that nothing is more important for new businesses than customer engagement. KickoffLabs gets new businesses up and running online fast by helping build easy sites and assisting clients with their first customer mailing list. KickoffLabs plugged into Rapleaf to provide clients with age, gender, and location on their platform.

Getting Rapleaf demographic insights helps their clients:

“Rapleaf helps us offer this data to businesses without having to add any additional barriers or questionnaires. That’s important because those things just make customers think twice and prevent more signups. All they have to do is collect the email address and learn!” Josh Ledgard, KickoffLabs Founder.

KickOffLabs is also working on new ways of using Rapleaf data to help new businesses connect with the key customers they are looking for. Check out KickoffLabs yourself and try it free today!

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