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How the Shubert Organization Boosted Engagement in 3 Short Acts

Feb 2, 2015   |   2 min read

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Shubert OrganizationIt’s no secret targeting your email messages toward your audience increases engagement. By understanding your personas, and crafting your messages around their specific wants and needs, your company can foster trust and grow brand loyalty. But, how do you determine what will make the most significant impact on your subscribers? As Shubert Organization discovered, using consumer data to build targeted messages results in nearly instant engagement.

Learn how the Broadway company increased open rate by nearly 13% in three simple acts:

Act 1: The Challenge

Our most recent case study takes a look at New York City-based Shubert Organization, a company that owns and operates several Broadway theaters, and sells tickets through a service called Telecharge. Though the company was collecting purchase data and sending out messages to its database on behalf of marketers of Broadway productions, they were struggling to increase engagement.

Act 2: The Data Saves the Day

Cue TowerData Email Intelligence. In addition to purchase history, Telecharge utilized geographic location information provided by Email Intelligence to send more targeted messages including a three-email campaign that starts with a thank you email after a customer completes a ticket purchase. Next, Telecharge uses geographic segmentation to determine which customers reside outside the city, and sends them a coupon for in-town parking as well as local restaurants near the theater. Lastly, customers receive a post-show email encouraging them to engage via social media by sharing their experience.

Act 3: Happily Ever After

This simple and seamless campaign update has netted the company a nearly 13% increase in open rates as well as a 1% increase in click-through-rates.

Additionally, Telecharge utilized purchase data to determine customers who buy tickets are unlikely to buy tickets again for at least three weeks. So, after a ticket purchase, subscribers are removed from marketing messages for three weeks. The result? Fewer unsubscribes and, consequently, greater customer retention.

So, what can other companies learn from Shubert Organization’s success?

In other words, by using your data to improve the customer experience, you’re more likely to enjoy greater engagement, customer loyalty and, overall, healthier metrics.

Learn more about how Shubert Company was able to grow their open rate to over 50%. Check out The complete Shubert Company TowerData Case Study.

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