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Eloqua AppCloud Unveiled featuring Rapleaf

Jun 30, 2011   |   1 min read

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Just last week Eloqua CEO Joe Payne announced the “Eloqua AppCloud,” an unprecedented online marketplace for B2B marketing applications. AppCloud serves as a universal hub for an encompassing list of B2B marketing applications that connects directly with Eloqua’s powerful Revenue Performance Management platform. We’re excited partner with Eloqua and offer an app that plugs Rapleaf insight into their existing interface.

Rapleaf’s Cloud Connector solution provides users with demographic and interest data on emails through the Eloqua platform. Eloqua users can connect with the Rapleaf app to increase marketing efficiency and inherit massive amounts of actionable data, which will help trigger more personalized, relevant communications, generate more qualified leads and improve revenue performance.

Specifically, Rapleaf is able to complement the digital footprint Eloqua already provides for a lead with additional data points like age, gender, income, occupation, education, and more. With more robust and actionable data in the Eloqua platform, existing segmentation and marketing decisions are more efficient and effective, which incrementally increases revenue from each Eloqua customer.

Eloqua is the first company in its category to truly create a marketplace for third-party solutions within the cloud. The connection between Rapleaf and Eloqua will bring tremendous value to users and the linkage of the two services creates a powerful, integrated solution for businesses.

To learn more about the Rapleaf/Eloqua partnership, check out the Appcloud Marketplace and try the connector today!

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