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Day 9: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 16, 2010   |   0 min read

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Day 9: Grab their Attention

An online retailer offers a large selection of products and brands that appeal to a wide-ranged audience. During your store-wide sale event, promote items that directly relate to individuals to give them more incentive to check it out.

For example:

Lawnmowers on sale….

….live in Manhattan?

This will peak little to no interest in a viewer that briefly scans the email, despite the hundreds of other products on sale in your store that are more likely. However, mentioning discounts on winter jackets will probably catch their eye!

With so much going on in their day, you only have one shot to attract your consumer’s attention. Show them something that sparks their interest and they will likely want to invest some time in browsing more.

Try our Personalization API. Simply input an email address and/or postal address for instant results.

Got an idea? We would love to hear it. We will be compiling YOUR creative ideas on personalization throughout the month of December and giving shout outs to our top picks to lay out for 2011.

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