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Day 8: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 15, 2010   |   0 min read

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Day 8: “Leave a Lasting Impression”

The key to pleasing your audience is to leave a lasting impression.

One way to keep your users coming back to your site is through smart, personalized recommendations.

For example, a restaurant reservation website could recommend its users deals that are tailored to their demographics and interests. It could direct a sports fan to dinner at the classic sports bar downtown for Monday Night Football, or encourage a single female in her 20’s to book reservations for her and her friends at the trendy new wine bar.

Give your customers an enjoyable experience. With personalized data, you can enhance customer satisfaction and boost engagement on your site.

Try our Personalization API. Simply input an email address and/or postal address for instant results.

Got an idea? We would love to hear it. We will be compiling YOUR creative ideas on personalization throughout the month of December and giving shout outs to our top picks to lay out for 2011.

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