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Day 5: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 10, 2010   |   0 min read

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Day 5: Who’s In the Spotlight?

In my inbox this morning I opened my ‘What’s New this Week” weekly email update from a movie provider I subscribe to. ‘The Last Airbender’ was highlighted front, center, and bolded as this week’s new release. While I may at some point embark on an adventure with Aang and his friends, as a 23-year-old female who loves to shop, I can tell you I would have been much more excited to see Edward Cullen’s face announcing that ‘Twilight 3: Eclipse’ or ‘Sex and the City 2”. was now out on DVD. These, also new releases, were listed amongst others in significantly smaller boxes at the end of the email.

Insight into something as simple as age and gender will result in direct and relevant engagement and will leave a positive lasting impression associated with that subscriber.

Try our Personalization API. Simply input an email address and/or postal address for instant results.

Got an idea? We would love to hear it. We will be compiling YOUR creative ideas on personalization throughout the month of December and giving shout outs to our top picks to lay out for 2011.

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