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Day 4: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 9, 2010   |   1 min read

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Day 4: Plant the Seed

Use personalization to highlight and create promotions that are tailored to meet the specific interests of your customers, that otherwise may not have been considered. Promote a travel offer based on the top three cities where your customers’ friends live by notifying them of deals on flights, hotels, and/or other travel offers available in those cities.

For example, include the following offer in your travel newsletter for someone who lives in Chicago and has friends in Nashville:


“Year-end sale on flights from Chicago to Nashville. Book your flight by December 31st for travel in January — flights starting at $99.”

An individual in the Chicago area with a large friend base in Nashville will connect with the offer and have reason to take action. While they may not be planning an immediate trip to Nashville, a strong, personalized offer provides a great incentive for purchase.

Try our Personalization API. Simply input an email address and/or postal address for instant results.

Got an idea? We would love to hear it. We will be compiling YOUR creative ideas on personalization throughout the month of December and giving shout outs to our top picks to lay out for 2011.

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