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Day 3: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 8, 2010   |   0 min read

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Day 3: Get the Answers Without the Search

A great benefit of personalization is that it allows for a more enjoyable experience day-to-day without any extra effort from your consumers or users. For example, when an aspiring artist logs into a Q&A Site, your site might recommend the artist to follow a question they otherwise might not have stumbled upon; for example:

“What is the most impressive creative portfolio you’ve ever seen?”

Alternatively, a visitor might have a greater interest in charities and non-profit organizations, so the question:

“What are some of your favorite websites for financial giving?”

is more likely to peak his interest. Content with such personal relevance increases an individual’s retention, engagement, and time spent on your site. Viewers will be satisfied seeing something they like and didn’t have to search.

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