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Day 11: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 20, 2010   |   1 min read

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Day 11: “The Sound of Music”

The right song can put anyone in a better mood. Whether we are working, studying or exercising, music can motivate us, reduces our stress, and help us focus.

But how do we pick the perfect song?

Music websites can personalize users’ experiences in real-time based on their interests. As soon as a user logs on, they can use demographic and interest data to suggest new radio stations, playlists, highlight new songs, or offer a free “song of the day” to download. They could even adjust the display on the site and personalize graphics, playlist layouts, and overall design to give each person a more enjoyable experience.

As users become saturated with online content, sites need to build more and more sophisticated techniques for delivering timely, applicable content. The more relevant the content is to you and your interests, the more likely you are to stay on the site and revisit it.

Try our Personalization API for free here. Simply input an email address and/or postal address for instant results.

Got an idea? We would love to hear it. We will be compiling YOUR creative ideas on personalization throughout the month of December and giving shout outs to our top picks to lay out for 2011.

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