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Day 12: The 12 Days of Personalization

Dec 21, 2010   |   1 min read

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Day 12: “A Valuable Box Office”

As we know by Day 12, personalization is all about companies giving you what you want, when you want it. Companies can utilize personalization in their email marketing campaigns to create valued relationships between their customers and brands.

For instance, a ticket sales site could send offers to individuals based on their demographics and interests to enhance performance and maximize revenue. Offer Barney on Ice tickets to households with children; promote San Jose Sharks tickets to individuals with an interest in Sports in the Bay Area, or Cirque du Soleil tickets to those entertainment enthusiasts. With a reputation for providing highly personalized deals, companies can expand their client base as 3rd party vendors will use their services to increase performance of their campaigns.

Bringing targeted, high-value purchase opportunities directly to a viewer greatly increases the chances that a browser will become a buyer. And they will thank you for it.

After 12 days, we have seen that personalization contributes to a wide range of business related goals: increasing site usability, re-engaging customers, converting browsers to buyers, offering exceptional customer satisfaction, and penetrating new markets. The possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to personalize?

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