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4 New Ways to Use Data in Email

May 13, 2019   |   3 min read

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The email marketing campaign’s archnemesis is the delete button, so companies knock themselves out to grab consumers’ attention before they reach for that convenient escape button in the corner. Finding new ways to use data effectively in email marketing is the key to defeating the archvillain and propagating positive customer touchpoints that increase conversions. That involves sending high-impact emails that are branded and interactive to better engage with each of your subscribers.

If the archenemy has landed in her little “delete cape” to wreak havoc on your email marketing campaign or you’ve already been battling her, don’t fret. Read on to find new ways to use data in emails and turn around your campaigns.

1. Importance of data hygiene

While battling for an optimal sending score, one of the best things you can do for the health of your email program is to stay clean. Data hygiene is absolutely necessary to maintaining lean, accurate and healthy emails.

Did you know 8.4% of email addresses collected on websites are misspelled, fake or invalid?

As any successful business does over time, you collected massive amounts of user data to understand your consumers better and refine your marketing efforts. However, what do you do with data that’s years old? Without performing Email Validation on a regular basis, your campaigns will be bogged down by heavy amounts of invalid or inactive users. With email validation, you can actively clean emails in real time before they impact your sender score.

As an advanced tip, you can also use email validation along with Open Data to clean your non-responsive emails to find your best candidates for a successful re-engagement campaign.

2. Create dynamic campaigns

The villain in any email marketing program is the dreaded batch and blast campaign that caters to only one type of user. Personalization is the real superhero of email marketing.

The journey to personalization starts with meaningful insights about each subscriber. Email intelligence empowers you to:

3. Integrate Smart emails

If you haven’t noticed, society deeply covets its inboxes, so much so that companies not only see emails deleted or sent to spam, some viewers will actually never visit a website again after receiving a poorly contrived email blast.

4. Granular level engagement data

In your battle against the delete button, every detail matters. Rather than rely on heroic acts, focus on the small things that separate users to maximize the impact of emails. Those granular data points will become the foundation for a healthy immediate and long-term email campaigns. Consider these granular-level engagement data points:

While email still reigns it’s still a constant battle to achieve optimal success and compete for attention in a crowded inbox. TowerData offers key insights to help you master your email efforts and engage users in unique and exciting ways. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

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