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4 Personalization Tools That Will Change Your Online Experience

May 11, 2010   |   1 min read

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In a time where people are drowning in information, these four tools aim to personalize your web surfing and email experience. You’d be surprised at how much more enjoyable being online can be — and how much better you can manage your personal and business relationships — with these tools.

#1 StumbleUpon: Get Your Own Web Experience

Surf the internet like it’s meant to be surfed — only see things that you are interested in. StumbleUpon helps you discover websites that match your own preferences and interests, based on recommendations from your friends and people with similar interests. Get your own web experience now.

#2 Rapportive: Supercharge Your Gmail Experience

Want to understand who you’re emailing? Check out Rapportive — it’s a Gmail plug-in that replaces the ads in the sidebar with a social dashboard about your contacts. Try Rapportive out for yourself (we promise you won’t be disappointed).

#3 LinkedIn2Twitter: Connect with LinkedIn Contacts on Twitter

Looking for a fast and easy way to follow your LinkedIn network on Twitter? LinkedIn2Twitter can help – after signing in with you LinkedIn credentials, the program automatically finds contacts who use Twitter. Ready to start growing your business relationships? Try LinkedIn2Twitter.

#4 etacts: Stay in Touch with Your Friends Easier

Forget to respond to that email you’ve saved for later? You need etacts. Etacts is a personal communication assistant that helps you keep up with friends and family and be a better person in general. See for yourself.

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