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The Email Address: Your Hidden Key to Fraud Prevention

Feb 7, 2021   |   0 min read

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Phil Davis, AtData’s CBO sits down with our good friend Timothy Li, CEO of Alchemy, for a quick discussion about the email address and its role in defending FinTech firms from fraud. It’s a short, 25 minute session, but we know by the end you’ll have the tools you need to maintain your database’s integrity by keeping fraudulent data out.

In this fireside chat we’re talking about email data and fraud prevention! You’ll learn:
• Why is the email address a critical element for any good fraud prevention strategy?
• What type of email address data could become meaningful as part of an algorithm?
• What do you do if an email you detected is high risk?
• What’s changed in the last 5 years and what does the future look like for using email as fraud prevention in FinTech?

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