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inSparq Offers Clients Key Data to Drive Sales

Mar 11, 2022   |   1 min read

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InSparq provides clients with crucial insight about their most socially active customers, so they can showcase relevant incentives to encourage referrals and additional sales.

The Challenge

Social commerce has already become an effective marketing stream for online retailers, however it’s still in its infancy. Revenues for this segment of the industry are predicted to grow exponentially. What is needed to take it to the next level is insight into who is sharing and what type of incentive would encourage him or her to share more.

With increased competition for e-commerce stores, retailers are leveraging social tools to incentivize existing customers to refer their friends – but simply pushing products blindly is a losing battle.

“The relationship with AtData has been nothing but positive. They’ve made sharing data so streamlined, simple and seamless.”
— Elizabeth Galietto, Email Marketing Manager at The Shubert Company


Retailers utilized Email Intelligence data to offer relevant discounts and coupons as a thank you for their loyalty to the brand. Using age and gender segmentation, inSparq helped clients target relevant promotions including free shipping, discounts and exclusive access to VIP clubs.


Engaging customer based on key demographic data boosted referrals, drove conversions, and increased sales across the board.

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