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Offer Merchants a Platform for Success

Mar 11, 2022   |   0 min read

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Bloomspot is a leading daily deal site with more than 1 million subscribers across 10 major U.S. cities. By providing limited quantity exclusive offers for weekend getaways and exceptional local experiences, Bloomspot helps connect top-rated local merchants with new and loyal customers.

The Challenge

Bloomspot wanted to convince high-end merchants that they have the best audience to fit their target demographic.


Bloomspot used Rapleaf (since acquired by AtData) to display characteristics that show their members are uniquely suited to high-end merchants. 93% of merchants say Bloomspot delivers to their ideal audience.


With the power of AtData, Bloomspot better understands their audience so that merchants choose bloomspot to represent their brand. As Bloomspot CEO, Jasper Malcolmson argues, two types of deal will emerge: those for the masses vs. those for a select set. Amazon offers will soon be “a privilege, not a right,” and merchants will become increasingly selective. Use AtData to deliver more effective orders to your users and work with your ideal merchants.

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