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TowerData Expands Email Marketing Solutions with Rapleaf Data

Dec 12, 2013   |   2 min read

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towerdata and rapleaf more data to loveAt the Email Insider Summit today, TowerData, an EIS sponsor, announced that it has integrated the demographic, purchase and interest data of consumer data aggregator Rapleaf with its email validation service. With the expanded service, marketers can now clean and enhance their email addresses in a single, real-time API call.

Earlier this year, TowerData added Email Intelligence, which provides information about the identity and behavior of the person who owns an email address, to its repertoire of services. TowerData solidified and expanded its offering with the acquisition of Rapleaf, which leads the industry by providing data on 80 percent of U.S. email addresses.

Since October, TowerData has worked to integrate the two company’s services into one cohesive, comprehensive product suite.

“We’ve already received great feedback about our combined products after sharing our vision with clients, partners and industry leaders at ad:tech and DMA2013,” says TowerData CEO Tom Burke. “It just makes sense. Not only can we clean email addresses, we can go the next step and provide valuable insights on the people behind them: who they are, where they are and what they are interested in.”

Using TowerData’s full suite of Email Append, Email Intelligence and Email Validation services, clients have the ability to grow, clean and enrich their email lists to produce more effective segmenting, improved personalization, increased response rates and an overall better customer relationship.

“Both Rapleaf and TowerData understand the challenges of modern email marketing and want to make it easier for every marketer to send amazing emails,” explains Rapleaf CEO Phil Davis. “Now with our integrated services, email marketers can access all the data and validation tools they need in one place.”

For questions about TowerData’s expanded services or for more information about the new, integrated API, contact TowerData today.

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About Rapleaf

With real-time data on 80 percent of U.S. email addresses, Rapleaf makes it incredibly easy for marketers to access the data they need to personalize content for their customers. We’re consumers, too, and we love it when marketing messages are relevant to us. We give marketers the necessary data to keep their emails relevant and their users engaged.

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