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The Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Validation Services

Oct 14, 2013   |   2 min read

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happy customersToday’s e-commerce is bigger than ever; do you have a handle on your growing email list? Almost every online business requires robust email campaigns for sustained business, but lists can easily get bogged down with typos and fraudulent data. Left uncorrected, these faulty entries will cause you to lose out on sales, harm your reputation and possibly suffer fines and penalties for spam.

Below, we discuss five ways a real-time validation service can help you avoid these disasters and improve your online business.

  1. Efficient List-Building: Manual data review is a time-consuming hassle. A real-time validation service will check your subscriber information for you as it is entered, correcting your customers’ typos and misspellings. Visitors often leave out hyphens or misspell their emails’ domain names, making it impossible to contact them in the future. An API with real-time validation and correction can quickly correct these errors, ensuring your messages are sent to the right customers with minimal effort on your part.
  2. Compliance: Did you know you can incur up to $16,000 in fines per email when you violate the CAN-SPAM act? Or sending emails to a misspelled email address can get you blacklisted To avoid sending emails to unwilling recipients, ensure your correction software is on point. While most typos will result in failed deliveries, some can route your messages to people who’ve never even visited your site. The correction capabilities of real-time validation will ensure only interested parties receive your mail.
  3. Happy Customers: Potential customers might come back and re-enter their information if they make a typo the first time-but most will not even realize the mistake they made. With real-time validation, you ensure the people who want your messages will get them as quickly as possible. You’ll avoid lost business, and your visitors will get the info they want. You’ll also avoid customer service headaches with people who’ve placed orders with incorrect data.
  4. Peace of Mind: Between developing great products and delivering first-class customer service, email marketers have plenty to worry about. With a real-time API, you can be sure you’re collecting correct info, sending properly planned emails and avoiding legal troubles. Keep your mind on what matters most.
  5. Increased Revenue: It all comes down to increased sales. Only about 15 percent of visitors are ready to buy when they first come to your site, and most people will require several more messages before they’re convinced. If they never receive your message, they might just move on to another vendor. Real-time validation ensures you gain and retain as many customers as possible through email.

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