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Spotlight: How Do You Personalize Your Emails?

Feb 1, 2011   |   0 min read

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We came across a fascinating survey by Alterian on how marketers personalize their messages to their customers. According to this survey of over 1,000 marketers, 72% of them focus primarily on personalizing emails to their audiences.

We weren’t surprised to learn that 18% of marketers reported they still send out email blasts without personalizing them. It can seem daunting to get started with personalization, especially if you haven’t been collecting data about your customers. We recommend starting with basic personalization based on 3 data points about your customers: age, gender and location.

It is easy to personalize even one line in your email based on your recipient’s gender. Once you have that down, you can further personalize your messaging by age, location and the recipient’s interests.

Get age, gender and location data about your customers to start personalizing.
How do you personalize your emails?

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