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Email Intelligence: Know What Your Customers Want Right Now

Oct 22, 2021   |   2 min read

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active customer intelligence.jpgWhat if you had current information on the content a person is interested in and the products they are looking for? What if you had accurate and timely insight into an individual’s unique browsing behavior, preferences and purchase intent? You could reach out to them while they are still shopping and help them decide in your favor. You could influence customers’ buying process and increase sales. Now, you have that power at your fingertips with AtData’s

Email Intelligence aggregates online browsing and search behavior data of shoppers across 10,000 stores, 175 million product listings, 1,000 product categories and 7,500 brands from thousands of websites and ties it to the email addresses and demographic data. In today’s digital-first economy, it’s essential to understand where, why and when customers do their online purchasing.

Updated daily, Email Intelligence helps marketers reach consumers with messages about the products they want when they are actively shopping for them. This data can also be used to segment your customer database and to personalize your marketing messages and increase engagement, response and sales.

Email Intelligence data is primarily used in three different ways:

AtData is the leader in demographic and identity data tied to email address, matching up to 80% of email addresses and helping marketers better understand who their customers are. With Email Intelligence, observed purchase intent can be matched to email addresses, postal addresses, mobile devices and cookies. Previously, marketers could only access this kind of real-time behavioral audience via anonymous display advertising. We are the first company to make web browsing behavior data available at the email level, and we can also provide this data for anonymous web visitors.

Discover how Email Intelligence can help your brand recognize the real-time interests and wants of your customers – click here to learn more.

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